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Admissions Policy

As required by law, admissions preference is granted to students who are residents of Vineland. Younger siblings of students already enrolled in the school are also granted preference provided the parents choose Vineland Public Charter School for that sibling.   Enrolled students are guaranteed admission the following year provided the appropriate grade is available. Students who reside outside of Vineland are invited to apply for our kindergarten through grade 8 program. Preschool applicants must be residents of Vineland.

To be eligible for admission, the parent must provide 1) Two documents with current proof of residence; 2) proof of minimum age of three/four years for preschool and five years as of the date established by law or by regulation for preschool and kindergartners; 3) completed application form. Application forms request: student's name; date of birth; grade level; address; names, addresses, and telephone numbers of parents/guardians; names of siblings also applying; and a signature verifying that the information is correct and that the parents/guardians are choosing education at Vineland Public Charter School for their child. If accepted a Universal Health form with current immunizations, Home language survey, B6T for each attending child, Transfer card from current home district, and a signed verification form.


Lottery Process

If the number of applicants exceeds the grade levels enrollment cap, a lottery process will be instituted for applicant selection by a representative from Cumberland County Charter School Network on the third Tuesday in January at 6:00 p.m. Prospective parents will be made aware of open enrollment and the  lottery on or before December 5: The lottery process is as follows: 1) the pool of applicants will be sorted according to admissions preferences provided for by statute and listed above (younger sibling, district resident) and by grade level; 2) within each grade level, applications will be sorted according to these categories, arranged in order of admissions preference: a) returning resident student; b) returning non-resident student; c) sibling of returning resident student; d) new resident applicant; e) sibling of returning non-resident student; f) new non-resident applicant for space-available admission; 3) the Admissions Committee will reserve spaces for students in categories a) and b). Any remaining spaces will be allocated by holding a drawing of names by category in admissions preference order starting with category c) in the oldest grade level and working down; 4) after all grade levels have been completed, names that remain will be placed by preference category, in drawing order, on the school's waiting list. Names are drawn one by one; as each student is drawn, that student and applicant siblings are immediately placed in their respective grade levels.

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