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After-school program


ASL Club (Sign Language) 

In this club, students will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, history, fingerspelling, numbers, and about deaf culture. Students will develop discourse skills appropriate for establishing connections with deaf acquaintances.
Art Class
CCSN Music class
The Musical Theater Club focuses on developing students’ singing/acting/movement skills in a variety of musical theater performing styles and is designed to enhance artistic and creative talents. Students will learn to use their own personal voice type to sing different kinds of songs while analyzing lyrics and characters in order to better communicate a story through vocal and physical expression. Students will learn solo and ensemble dance scenes as a part of the overall design of the show. Through the expression of dance and movement students will learn how to convey the ideas and themes of the story through movement. The students will learn the basics of musical theater history and storytelling through the club productions. 

The STEAM Club is in full swing and students are having fun exploring science, technology, and engineering with Ms. Montanez and Mrs. Tucker. We have investigated aerodynamics through constructing, testing, and revising models of paper airplanes.  Fourth through Sixth-grade students explored the basics of coding using Blu-Bots to make them go in a straight line, turn left or right, and complete a circle.  Seventh and Eighth-grade students are developing their coding skills using the Sphero Bolt.  We will use block coding to make the Bolt complete a geometric shape, such as a circle or a square. Students are working as engineers as they build using various Lego kits. We are hoping to have a STEAM Night in the Spring to showcase our newly acquired skills and projects we created during the semester.
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Music Class
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